Important Information Regarding Distance Learning

***Important Information from THS regarding distance learning*** Hello Bulldog Family! I know that having school via distance learning is quite a change for all of us. I want to commend our teachers for fast work and all of the parents and students of our community for being flexible under these extraordinary times. Parents I want to urge all parents to talk with your students today and make sure they are engaged with their teachers. While we are not attending school physically, school is continuing via distance learning. Each THS teacher has provided assignments and it is very important that our students are communicating with teachers and completing assignments.

Students, it is time to get engaged! Communication with your teachers is essential! Each student has a school-provided Gmail address/account. It is usually their last name and the last 3 numbers of their lunch number For example, ( It is very important that all of our students establish communication with each of their teachers via email as soon as possible and that every student begins checking their emails regularly. If any student cannot access their email - parents can email Please tell us the issue, what the student’s email address is, student name, lunch number, and a number and time to call you on the phone. You may also call us at Thomasville High at 229-225-2634.

Teacher Email Addresses Teacher email addresses can be found on the THS webpage under “staff” here:

Electronic Communication Methods School student Gmail accounts- This is the primary means of communication. It is also the method for students to access Google Classroom. Google Classroom- most of our teachers have a Google Classroom environment through which they communicate, instruct, and assess students. A code is needed for students to join. Students should contact teachers via email.

Remind- many teachers use remind to mass text students. Again, students can email teachers to see if they need a code. Teacher Web Pages-

Teacher pages may be accessed here:

Infinite Campus (Gradebook) Parent Portal- Parents may see student grades real-time and this will be critical as teachers start grading distance learning. Parents may call THS if they need assistance in setting up Parent Portal access.

Edmentum Courseware- Many students have online courses through Edmentum Courseware. Teachers and students also communicate through Edmentum if the student has an online course.

Paper Assignments- tomorrow, Friday, March 20, 2020 will be the last opportunity to pick up paper assignments from THS. Pickup will be from 2-3 PM. If school closures continue, it will be necessary to move away from paper assignments and toward electronic communications completely for the safety of the community. 

Key Points to Remember: • Students have pending assignments from teachers • The last day to pick up paper assignments from THS is tomorrow, Friday March 20, from 2-3PM • Students should email all of their teachers as soon as possible from their school email • If you cannot access your school email, have parents contact • Students who have an Edmentum Courseware class need to login and communicate with teacher asap.