Black History

From the Archives Library Information Center (ALIC), this website provides online resources on Black History with links organized into a General Collection of National Research resources: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) resources, other Federal sites, Non-Federal web sites nationwide, regional and local research, military, photographs, and culture and Chronological Topics links on slavery, abolition, reconstruction, segregation and Black migration, and Civil Rights.

CIA World Factbook
An extensive resource for information on thehistory, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 countries, dependencies, and/or geographic places in the world.

Cornell Supreme Court Collection
The Legal Information Institute Collection from Cornell University Law School provides information on hundreds of the Supreme Court historic decisions dating from the beginning of the court's existence to the present day.

U.S. Department of State/Countries

An online resources that lets students learn about civics by playing games that let you run for president, pass new laws, and argue real cases. For teachers, there are curriculum units, lesson plans, games, webquests and more.

Find Law
For users who want to learn more about the law, this site offers information on case law, state and federal statutes, a lawyer directory and legal news and analysis .

Hosted by GALILEO and the University of Georgia Libraries, this site serves as an online almanac for the State of Georgia. Organized by topics and features, each link directs you to a page about different aspects of Georgia such as its history, maps, cities, wildlife, counties, This Day in Georgia History, In Their Own Words, a photo gallery, and much more. Educator resources are also included.

Library of Congress
This online website from the largest library in the world offers a rich collection of resources and links to a variety of social studies topics such as World History & Cultures, Government, Politics & Law, American History, and Maps & Geography. Information can be garnered through Digital Collections, Prints and Photographs, Historic Newspapers, Performing Arts, Veterans History, Sound Recordings, Film, Maps and Manuscripts.

Stock Market Game
A great way to for students to gain a fundamental understanding of the global economy and personal finance through an online simulation of the global capital markets, virtual investing and real-world learning in a game format.

United States Census Bureau
Provides links to explanations of the role of this government agency that collects quality data on the population and economy of the United States and how this information is utilized.

U.S. Government Official Web Portal is "your online guide to government information and services." Links to Government Agencies & Elected Officials, Health, Housing and Community, Jobs and Unemployment, Money and Shopping, Travel and Immigration, plus More Services are provided.

Official White House Website
As its name implies, this is the "official" White House website of the President of the United States.