Developing students to be life-long learners and productive, responsible citizens.

THOMASVILLE HIGH SCHOOL is one of seven Georgia public high schools and the only one in South Georgia to be named by State School Superintendent Richard Woods in 5 or more Advanced Placement (AP) Honor School categories:

  • AP CHALLENGE SCHOOL - enrollment of 900 or fewer students and students testing in four of the core areas

  • AP MERIT SCHOOL - at least 20% of students taking AP exams and at least 50% of all AP exams earning scores of 3 or higher

  • AP STEM SCHOOL - students testing in at least two AP math courses and two AP science courses

  • AP STEM ACHIEVEMENT SCHOOL - students testing in at least two AP math courses and two AP science courses and at least 40% of the exams earning scores of 3 or higher

  • AP HUMANITIES SCHOOL - students testing in all of the following AP courses: at least one English, two social science, one fine arts, and one world language.

The Georgia Department of Education began recognizing AP Honor Schools in 2008. Thomasville High School has been named as an AP Honor School in at least 2 categories each year from 2008 to 2015.

THOMASVILLE HIGH SCHOOL students are offered a range of possibilities when mapping out their high school years. THS students complete the general graduation requirements for college preparatory students through the completion of required academic units (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science) and then customize their schedules through electives and a Career Pathway.

All THS students have an opportunity to focus their talents towards a one of the following prescribed Programs of Study and will receive a graduation cord designating that completion: Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical Science, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Business, Pre-Education, Pre-Fine Arts, Pre-Agricultural, and Pre-Liberal Studies.

ADVANCED CONTENT CURRICULUM (ACC) students have options for blending their schedules with honors-level, Advanced Placement, and electives offered at both Thomasville High School and Scholars Academy campuses. Similar to AIMS at the middle school level, ACC allows students to maximize their instruction in areas of strength and talent while still being successful in academic areas in which they may need additional support. A minimum of 2 courses, up to 5 courses may be shared between the two campuses. Students who graduate having taken ACC offerings will receive a designation upon graduation for maintaining a blended advanced honors, and AP course workload.

THS OFFERS NINE CAREER TRACKS as part of its new initiative--PATHS. The tracks are divided into career emphasis areas. Students must complete three courses in an area to complete a Pathway.

  • Healthcare Science (Therapeutic Services Nursing Career Specialty -CNA)

  • Aerospace Science

FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS, THE ATHLETIC PROGRAM AT THOMASVILLE HIGH SCHOOL has been providing a co-curricular opportunity for student-athletes who meet our school's basic standards of personal, academic, and physical well-being to represent our school in athletic competition. It is the stated goal of the Athletic Department to use the various athletic activities not only to develop the skills and abilities of our athletes, but also to emphasize personal growth and life skills (self-discipline, endurance, perseverance, personal integrity, cooperation, etc.). Our teams compete in Region 1-2A of the Georgia High School Sports Association and our program has won 10 consecutive All-Sports Awards.