House Bill 251
Public School Choice

Under a 2009 state law (O.C.G.A 20-2-2131), parents may request a transfer to another public school within their local school district. If you wish to request a transfer, please contact Mrs. Tina McBride, Director of Student Services at (229)225-2600.

A. Features of House Bill 251

  • Parent/guardian can elect to send a child to another public school in the same school system as long as there is classroom space available at the school after its assigned students have been enrolled;
  • If a parent elects to exercise this choice option, the parent assumes all costs associated with transporting the child to and from the selected school;
  • A student who transfers to another school pursuant to this law may continue to attend such school until the student completes all grades of the school;
  • If a parent requests a transfer to a school that does not have the services required by the current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP), nothing in the law requires the school to develop those services as long as they are available within the local school district;

B. Thomasville City Schools Board Policy

The Thomasville City Board of Education will consider accepting students from neighboring public school systems provided these students have been released by their local Boards of Education and the following requirements are met:

  • A non-resident application must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Services at the Board of Education office.
  • The Principal or his/her designee must determine the availability of space in the grade level of the student(s). A student may not be enrolled if that student's placement requires the district, under existing state law or State Board rules, to employ additional staff.
  • Student records must be reviewed and determined to be in compliance with the expectations of Thomasville City Schools. Academic progress, attendance and student behavior will be considered during the review of records. The district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability in determining the admission and attendance of students who reside outside the City of Thomasville.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Director of Student Services and a recommendation for admission may be made to the Superintendent who will then make the determination of admission or non-admission.
  • Parents must sign an Out-of-Zone Contract in which they agree that a non-resident student must maintain good behavior and attendance as a condition of the privilege to attend a Thomasville City School.
  • A student who was enrolled at the beginning of the school year as a resident student and whose parents or guardian move to another school district will be permitted to complete the current school year only without having to apply for admission.
  • A student who has achieved the grade level status of high school senior and has been attending Thomasville City Schools for at least one semester immediately prior to establishing residency in another school district may be allowed to finish the senior year in Thomasville City Schools if he/she otherwise meets the requirements of this policy.
  • Non-resident students whose parents are employed by the Thomasville City School District shall be allowed to enroll in the Thomasville City School District if they otherwise qualify for enrollment, on a space available basis.
  • Non-resident students may remain enrolled in the Thomasville City School District only if their conduct and/or attendance is satisfactory. Any discipline problem severe enough to warrant suspension or any incident of truancy shall result in the revocation of the student's privilege of attending school in Thomasville City. In such cases, the school principal is authorized to revoke attendance privileges without convening a disciplinary tribunal. The principal's decision may be appealed to the Superintendent, whose decision will be final.
  • Students residing out of state will have to apply and provide all records. Upon acceptance, parents will be required to pay an annual tuition fee per child determined by the Finance Director and Superintendent based on the average FTE cost for that school year.

C. Thomasville City Schools General Guidelines

  • Any resident of Thomasville City Schools may apply for a HB 251 transfer.
  • Applications must be submitted between June 3, 2019 and the close of business (4:30 pm) on June 17, 2019.
  • There will be no extensions beyond the transfer window.
  • Available space is based upon permanent classroom space, including available seats in each classroom.
  • Available spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  • A student who is granted a transfer may continue to attend that school until the student has completed the highest grade level in that school.
  • Parents are responsible for timely transportation to and from the transfer school.
  • Parents will be notified via postal mail by June 28, 2019.